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Tiger rewrote the book on how to play Augusta National

Despite Bumgarner’s power at the plate and mostly dominant day on the mound, the Diamondbacks pulled off a miracle ninth inning win on the backs of Jeff Mathis and Daniel Descalso. Oh, baseball. How I missed you.

You know that Tiger beat the crap out of everyone in ’97, but how did he do it? He overpowered Augusta National. That week, Cat averaged over 320 off the tee. He smoked every other player in the field by 25 yards. That advantage allowed him to beat up Augusta in a way that was never seen before. This was especially evident on the par-5s where Woods was a crazy 13-under par and often playing a short iron or wedge into the green. His fellow pros could simply not keep up.

Tiger rewrote the book on how to play Augusta National. He dominated the course in a way that that the green jackets had not seen. So the club eventually lengthened the course in an overhaul that was dubbed “Tiger-proofing.” Sure, this didn’t happen until a few years later, but you better believe the talk of changes started in 1997. This one win forever changed the setup of the National.

Fuzzy’s comments may have been out of line and a stupid mistake, but the truth is, Augusta National wasn’t exactly the friendliest place for minorities. The club’s co-founder Cheap Blackhawks Jerseys Clifford Roberts was known for saying, “As long as I’m alive, golfers will be white, and caddies will be black.”

Woods winning the 1997 Masters had far-reaching Cheap Bike Jerseys For Men consequences and carried incredible weight happening at a club with such history. African Americans and women are now members at Augusta National. It’s likely the success of Tiger Woods contributed to making the membership of the club more diverse.